Creating a Chart of Accounts for a Small Restaurant

Independent restaurant owners often do their own bookkeeping. Even if they hire a professional accountant at year’s end, they may save considerable money by handling the weekly tasks themselves. Setting up a chart of accounts to fit the restaurant needs generally requires customizing the default choices of any accounting program. The selection of sales and [...]

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the Restaurant Business

To make money in the restaurant business, restaurant owners have to have a competitive advantage. If hard work alone would do it, most restaurant owners would already be rich. There are only two real and sustainable competitive advantages anyone can have in the restaurant business. Restaurant owners can’t have the best chef or the best [...]


Restaurant Business Following a Profitable System

The following is a review of How to Start a Restaurant Business Following a Profitable System by Ray Freeman. This guide does a great job of guiding new players into the usually competitive restaurant business and offers them the chance to get inside the mind of an experienced operator to understand exactly what is necessary to succeed. Many [...]